Preparations in the Arctic

Just as the snow had covered the surroundings of Tromsø, Norway,  my lawn has again turned green and the thermometer is rising again. Just a few years ago, we could be pretty sure about one thing: By mid-October the winter should have arrived and probably settled.

But not so now. The days are getting shorter. In about a month from now, there will be just two-three hours of dimmed light during daytime in our busy town 350 kilometers inside the Arctic Circle. Then snow on the ground will help a lot in giving us a much better reflection, and we will actually be able so see the beautiful landscape in the High North.

But the upcoming week,  there will be not  much worries about the missing  snow, as I am going to Miami. I have though been thinking a lot on ice lately, as I have prepared my presentation about developments in Arctic climate for my colleagues at Fame VI-. They visited my area in june. I was so sorry that I not could attend their program in Tromsø. But my memories from the short meeting we had, are so good that I am really looking forward to meet that wonderful group of colleagues again.

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